"So what are the Benefits of Parenting with Positive Thinking"?

There are Tremendous Benefits for Parenting with Positive Thinking. Although raising children in today's world can be challenging, however with the right knowledge the benefits can be so rewarding.

It is therefore our duty to teach them by good example, the proper way to develop into happy and productive people. Therefore being the best mom and dad is a skill we should learn, to assist us in our duty.

Whether you are full-pledge, would be, or an aspiring mom and dad we all want to give the best to our children, don't we?

happy family

Our aim at this site is to share with you our experiences on our journey. From the joy of a baby's first loving smile, to their first wobbly steps. Then to the challenging aspect of teenager rebellious attitude, or disobedient ways are all part of the package.

However it's not so much of what is happening, but how we look at what is happening that makes the difference when raising our children. If we can find or think about one good aspect that came out of our experiences, then we can used such to build a platform of parenting with positive thinking.

It's a pleasure for me to introduce myself. My name is Todd Francis and below is a picture of me and daddy's little girls, from our family of six children ( yes you read that right). My wife and I have received a masters degree in child rearing through experiences. Also we have read, research and studied this subject thoroughly to keep growing in this area.

We plan to aid you through this journey by sharing high quality information for training children, using different styles, skills, tips and education. On issues such as confidence, self-esteem, child development, along with books, articles and other resources.

Raising children is not about being the boss it's about problem solving and improvising. It is not about lecturing it's about listening.

There are no set rules in bringing up children, we should deal with the situation at hand. However there are set principles and morals we should impart on our children.

In today's world of mass media and celebrities replacing parents as role model, we can look at these issues and say why bother. Alternatively we can say, how can I be a great example to my children and others in the society? By using the latter example you are definitely parenting with positive thinking, which will yield greater benefits and rewards.

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