Attention 10 parenting tips for a more effective parenting.

These 10 parenting tips are a handy quick reference for moms and dads. The main thing in parenting is letting your child know when they did something right or wrong. Remember no amount of praising can add value to the child if they did not know they did some thing good, and no amount of punishment can correct a behaviour if the child is not aware of his or her wrongdoings.

Using these 10 parenting tips will be effective and have a positive influence on your children. Remember these are only quick reference guide because each family have thier own parenting style according to their unique situation. So whichever tip suit your situation please use it.

1. Make time for parent-child bonding. Showing attention equates to love. Most times your children just want you to listen to them and hear their opinions. If they get to have they say children will feel more a part of the parenting process.

2. Commit yourself to have a fun family day or night. Maybe you can go out have dinner or stay in and order in pizza. They are a lot of games you can play together from the classic board game Scrabble or a modern interactive game such as Nintendo WI.

3. When communicating keep eye contact and speak slowly at a low tone. When speaking with a teenager prone to confrontation make it a pact at the beginning not to get into an argument. If the discussion starts to get heated, simply calm down apologise if you had said something hurtful and take a walk.

4. Set realistic expectations for your children. Help your children to set goals and ambitions but make certain it is not a burden to them. Talk to them and find out what they can or cannot handle then find the right balance.

5. Out of the 10 parenting tips I think this one is the most crucial. Be sensitive to your children feelings. Always try and use positive language and constructive criticisms when correcting. Explain why a behaviour is not acceptable and allow children to think of why not to do it again.

6. If you have a partner / husband work with them as a team and show the kids that you are united. Find out each other strong parenting style, strategise and compliment each other.

7. Get children involve in doing chores around the home but try and make it fun. Maybe you can play certain songs they love at chores time or make a game out of it. Remember kids hate chores because they see it as boring, but if you can make it funny and full of action, that’s where they will be.

8. Create house rules that everyone adheres to. House rules lets everyone knows the principles that governs the home. Get the children involve in creating the rules which will help them to be more accountable to what they say.

Most people see rules as things they can’t do. However when using parenting with positive thinking will help children see rules as things that they can do which will help them grow into responsible adults. For me this is the second most important point out of the 10 parenting tips.

9. Get your kids involve in extra curricular activities such as; karate, athletics or playing a musical instrument. This will help them build a wider social circles and teach them how to be committed to something, building a persistent character.

10. Make time for yourself as parents, most times we tend to look after everyone and forget ourselves. However we do need a break to replenish and nurture our relationship, so get the baby sitter in or if they are teenagers, have an adult monitor them and go have your own special time alone.

I hope that our 10 parenting tips will add some value to your parenting journey, and if you loved what you have read there are a lot more tips and quality information on our site. On a final note remember a tip is not worth it if it is not used.

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