Attention! The 3 parenting
styles you must know about.

There are 3 parenting styles which are most widely used by parents all over the world. These are (1) - Authoritarian, (2) - Authoritative and (3) - the Permissive style. Even though these are the three basic ones most frequently used there is also the Consultative style which is very effective when used at the right time.

On this page we will briefly describe what the 3 parenting styles are then we will direct you to these styles via the link above where you can get more information on these plus a couple more less known ones.

Firstly Authoritarian parenting is very strict and very demanding on children. This type of parenting is focus more on compliance to rules and conformity without no feedback from the child.

Secondly, Authoritative parenting is focused more on the child centered approach, where parents still gives clear directives but allow feedback from their children. This is more of balance parenting which encourages children to be independent but parents would still manage up to a certain limit.

Thirdly, the Permissive parenting focuses more on being very lenient and does not set any behavioural boundaries for children. Children from this background tends to be more impulsive, out of control and are involved in more misconduct.

We must remember that the 3 parenting styles are the foundation for how our children will behave and what value they will add to the society.

So we at parenting with positive thinking highly encourages moms and dads to educate yourself thoroughly on this subject.

One of the best ways to get great information on this subject is by reading articles on parenting styles which you can access via the internet. Another way is to get books from your local library or attend seminars on this topic.

It is said that” Knowledge is power” but it is more the “Application of Knowledge” that gives power. So when you seek for it and find it make sure you use it, and it would definitely assist you in the journey of parenting.

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