Attention!! Try our 7 Essential Tips for creating the perfect baby name.

We have dedicated this page to give you the top 7 essential tips for creating the perfect baby names. We must however remember that your child’s name will be with them for the rest of their life, so choose your name wisely.

Now you know the importance of choosing the best name lets go ahead and give you our top tips for naming your child.

1. Make certain that the name touches your emotional button.

Out of our 7 essential tips, this first tip is very, very important. You should fall in love with the name so every time you say it or hear it you feel a warm feeling. It is like falling in love for the first, and we all know how that’s feel.

2. Remember to use your intuition when naming your child. Make sure you and your partner are very comfortable with your choice. Don’t play attention to what others say and think it is all about what you and your partner thinks.

3. Realise that the way we name our child in the 21st Century has changed. Unusual names we use to laugh at before are now been accepted and used a lot more. So research and experiment plus don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

4. Be creative when choosing a name. Do not be afraid to blend names together (e.g) your name with your partner name. You can also use an ancient name or an unusual name spelt in a new way or pronounce in a different way.

5. Look for a name with good, positive meaning.

We here at parenting with positive thinking absolutely believe that out of our 7 essential tips, this one is also very significant and urge parents to spend quality time on this one. No matter what culture or nation you are from, you should be able to find a name which conveys a positive meaning you can relate too. Remember the true sayings a Word, Sound and Power.

6. Remember your child will carry this name throughout thier life not you. Even though we are the one choosing the names put it into perspective and choose the best names. Even if your child may have the option to change their names, people seldom do. However be realistic and visualise your child and their name, giving them the best chance to love it.

7. Do some thorough research on names. It is best to have a pool of names to choose from so as to give yourself a better chance to choose the best ones. You can also ask close friends and families to come up with some names, you may just find a gem from the ones they come up with.

From experience I know choosing names can be a tedious task or you can make it an easy one. In the naming process it is imperative we remember to have fun, enjoy the process and enjoy your new wonderful child.

Also, don’t forget to let your inner wisdom, your intuition be your guide and I hope that our top 7 essential tips will add tremendous value to you, in creating the perfect baby name.

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