About The Author of Parenting with Positive Thinking.

Hello and thank you for visiting Parenting with positive thinking. My name is Todd Francis and I presently reside in United Kingdom with my family, who is my inspiration for creating this website.

By profession I am an Electrical Engineer but by passion I am an entrepreneur by heart. My wife and I have been living and teaching self-development for 15years now. We have studied everything from; Healthy Eating, Holistic living, Laws of Attraction, Wealth Creation to Parenting and Relationship Building.

I believe in being a student of life through the process of reading, studying and listening to audios of successful people. As the late great master marketer Jim Rohn said “find someone who is successful, find out what they did and copy them because success leaves clues.”

This site Parenting with Positive Thinking is an expression of my parenting journey and is very close to my heart being a dad myself. It is also just one of our entrepreneur’s ventures which come under our Go Giver Enterprises group. We will be creating other sites in their near future so we can continue adding tremendous value to our visitors through high quality, unique information.

It is said that the “secret of life is giving.” That is why we decided to focus on being a Go Giver instead of a Go Getter. As Zig Ziglar famously quoted “ If you help enough people get what they want, eventually you will get what you want,” and it is on this principle we base our success on.