Authoritarian parenting learn the
positives and negatives about it.

The authoritarian parenting style was characterized by its strict rules and guidelines that were instilled on children. Like many things in life this style has its pros and cons and one important pro is that a sense of respect for authority was instilled in children. Regretfully one of the biggest disadvantages is that children feelings, creativity and personality were totally ignored.

I am sure parenting quote “Children should be seen but must not be heard” was first spoken somewhere around this time.

The authoritarian parenting style main focus was on drilling the laws of Society along with Religious laws, creed and code into children. Parents as well as people in authority taught this would make children grow up into better citizens.

On one hand some children did grow up to be good law abiding citizens, but on the other hand they were totally incapable to think and act independently, and others were totally unaware on how to show empathy and emotional support to others.

However some children did grow up to be very discipline successful adults who did function very well in society. Is it a case they adapted or educated themselves on how to be well balance individuals? For myself, I was raised under the authoritarian parenting style and even though I knew my parents love me and look after me, the hugs and the kisses were far and in-between but as a child you learn to adapt.

On becoming a parent I took the time and educated myself about the different styles and realise that no one style would work, but a blend of styles would make you a more effective parent. Also I am not blaming my parents for anything because I think that was all they knew at that time. However for us parents in the 21st Century there are loads of information out there we can tap into to help us raise well-rounded children.

Our aim here at parenting with positive thinking is to highlight the different styles showing you how you can change the authoritarian parenting style into the authoritative style blended with the consultative style. We will also be highlighting some more styles for a richer child rearing experience.

My wife and I have personally used all these styles whilst raising our children. We have learnt which style would give us a certain re-action form our children and how to blend them to create a win win situation. You are welcome to read about our experiences as you go through our site and we hope and trust that our experience would add more value to your life.

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