Can Biblical parenting work?
Check it out and see.

Biblical parenting is based on instructions of bible scriptures which develops within children the need to respect God and mankind. We are encouraged by the bible to “Train up a child in the way he should grow so when he becomes old he will not depart”.( proverbs 22:6)

It is often said that electrical and electronic appliances all have manuals that let us know how they work and function. Wouldn’t it be nice if parents had such information readily available to train our most prized possessions, our children? If your answer to the question is ‘yes’, the Holy Bible is that manual.

If parents so desire, the bible provides practical solutions to many parenting issues. Biblical parenting is key to the rearing of our children, because it instils virtues such as love, caring, patience, morality, faith, discipline and wisdom within their characters. By adapting these principles, it is guaranteed that you will have a positive and successful outcome to many parental needs.(Joshua 1:7-8)

It is suggested that discipline is enforced from infancy, so that later in life the right attitude of respect is cultivated within the heart of the child. Moreover, this system will benefit the child more seen as the parents are role models because they are leading by example, rather than "do as I say but not as I do" as is reflected within the secular society.

In today’s society, both secular and biblical parenting mindset share contrasting perspectives when it comes to child rearing. The worldly mindset is of the opinion that because it is natural, it is ‘good’; and that children do not need parenting as it interferes with the ‘good’. The biblical initiative is based on instructions within the bible, which develops within the child the need to respect God, and authority.

The contrasting views are so because man made laws have replaced God’s law. Henceforth there is a need to crossover to a godly parenting mindset to reap positive benefits. We have only touch the tip of the ice berg on this topic but we have created a special page on this. Just click on our biblical parenting tips link here or above.

In conclusion we at parenting with positive thinking believes and live by biblical principles; and urge parents to pursue divine guidance in child rearing for there are lots of benefits to be derived from it. It does not matter whatever religious beliefs you carry or whatever holy book you follow, it is the principles within that is important.

There is a famous quote which states that ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results’. So I suggest that if you change your approach you will definitely get a different outcome.

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