The effects of single parenting, is it good or bad?

The effects of single parenting can be both positive and negative depending on how we perceived the experiences of this family structure. We must remember that our children are developing their own personality and character so if it's a one parent or nucleus family there will still be issues.

Some positive effects of single parenting is that the parent in charge knows that they are responsible for everything. Once a parent accepts this role fully then their priorities will change, allowing their character to strengthen, helping them adjust to their situation. Even though they will be tough times, you will get stronger and be firm under pressure. It is always a good idea to have some sort of support, someone you can rely on for help at times. It could be a friend or an extended family member, it is nice to know you have a backup.

Another positive effect of single parenting is that, some children who are conscientious and well rounded would actually be motivated by their parents hard work and determination to give them the best education and a comfortable home.

In most cases one of the most negative effect off this type of family structure is their economical and financial constraints. Due to the fact it is a single income coming in, the family will be limited in their choices available.

However children who grow up to be successful business people, credits their sheer drive and determination due to growing up in situation like these. So a bad situation can be transformed into a great one, it is just how it is perceived to be.

Effective parenting is using all situations and circumstances in a positive manner and that is what parenting with positive thinking is all about.

On a final note the effects of single parenting is not as disastrous as it seems to be, because in every human society they are more than two adults who are involved in the social influence of the child. So there is always someone or something that has some influence on our children, let’s just hope it is a positive one.

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