Thinking off Fostering?
Here are some fostering tips and skills to help you succeed.

Fostering tips and skills are great tools to have if you are thinking about helping a child in need. As I have said time and time again anyone who decides to take on this role are special people and are credits to their society.

However if you want to be good at anything you do, there are certain skills and handy tips you need to learn. On this page we will be giving you 10 essential fostering tips and skills you will need to develop to make your journey much more successful.

Here are these invaluable tips and skills; 1. Be a great communicator. Remember communication is also about active listening rather than just talking. So listen well and use the right tone of voice plus give children your undivided attention when speaking to them. Use simple precise language and give clear messages. Remember “it’s not what you say but how you say it.”

2. Understand the children.Take the time to understand before being understood. Know what type of background the children have and what there life was before because this will help you to find a suitable starting point to help them. This will also help you to identify their strengths and weakness which are valuable information you need to work with when fostering. 3. Build on their strengths. Following up from tip 2 now we have identify their strengths we need to build on it. Give them positive reinforcement and keep telling them what they are good at and eventually this will help them raise their confidence and self-esteem.

4. Find out their most important need. This is one of the most important fostering tips here. Every child has special needs which should be met. For some it might be hugs and reassurance and for others it might just the need to be listened to and understand. Whatever it is once we can find this need, there is a better chance to getting to the root of the problem and bringing about results quicker. 5. Be a positive carer. We are all know that fostering comes with a lot of challenges so it is important we keep a positive attitude. Whatever the background of the children their must be something positive we can build on it is just a matter of perspective. Always try and use positive language to the children because this will help create a happy positive atmosphere conducive to their development. This is highly recommended from all of our fostering tips.

6. Keep a network of family or friends. It is imperative that we help children keep a connection to their past relationships. The reason for this is there is usually someone or something that has a positive effect on these children which can be used to help them become better people.A good foster parent will encourage children to stay connected to their culture and their roots which will give them a sense of pride of their heritage. 7. Teach children how to manage behaviours. At some point you will need to correct a foster child behaviour so it is important you know the best way to get across your message. It is good to know other disciplinary methods other than physical punishment especially if the child is coming from this type of abusive background. Some alternatives are; rewarding positive behaviour, taking away privileges; time out and giving frequent recognition and praise.

8. Build positive self-esteem. This is also one of the most important fostering tips or skill that must be learnt. A child self-esteem is how much a child like them self as a person, and it directly determines their effectiveness in all areas of their life.

Children who had to leave their birth parents for what ever difficulty would more than likely have some form of low self-esteem and it is up to the foster parents to find ways to boost their morale. Doing simple things like listening intently and letting kids complete their sentence without interruptions would make them feel valued hence lifting up their self-esteem. 9. Crete a safe and healthy environment. When fostering it is important to have a safe and healthy environment to make children feel safe and at home. Set out your home in such a way that it fosters a happy and warm feeling and is conducive for positive development. Make sure it is clean, tidy with adequate space for everyone to feel comfortable and good supply of food and clothing to take care of daily needs.

10. Get your own family involved for making a informed decision. Out of all of these fostering tips, this is another important one and should have been the first to mention but nevertheless better late than never. It is best to get feedback from the whole family when thinking of fostering. Talk to each family member on a one to one basis to know their true feelings on this matter. Genuinely listen to their concerns and take on board ever one opinion.

According to your family’s long term goals, find out how fostering would be a positive tool or negative force in attainment of your goals. We here at parenting with positive thinking believes that these fostering tips are a very good starting point for anyone thinking about caring for children. We also recommend getting more information from your local library or foster agency which can help you in making an informed decision on this topic.

I will leave you with two simple but thought provoking quotes; “Children can never have too many people love them," and "Even Superman had Foster Parents."- Anonymous

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