Can Long Distance,
Parenting Work Effectively?

Learn our little known secrets to
master this type of parenting.

Long distance parenting can be a challenging situation which will require patience and understanding. This type of parenting may come about because of various circumstances which sometimes is beyond our control.

Whatever reason you have to be away from your child such as- a new job, temporary relocation, going on vacation or even divorce there are numerous ways you can stay in touch with your child.

It must be noted that long distance parenting requires commitment just like any other long distance relationship. It is imperative that you let your child know that you are thinking about them always. The key to this type of relationship is communicating with your child effectively on a regular basis. In today’s world this is easy to do because of various forms of connecting technology available easily.

However if you want to be successful as a long distance parent there are various ways to go about it. Here are some ways to plan your time away no matter what age group your child is. Plan Properly For Your Child While You Are Away.

You want to make certain that whoever is looking after your child in your absence is fit and proper and your child feels comfortable around them. If your child other parent is looking after them while you are away, talk to them about what support you can offer he or she to make their job easy.

Also look at your child schedule activities so as their caretaker is aware of their transportation needs and makes certain it is all planned out so they can continue their routines. Remember the old adage “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

We here at parenting with positive thinking believe that this first point is very, very, very important and knows once this is done right, it would make any long distance parenting work easy and effectively.

Communicating and Connecting As we have mention before communicating is very crucial for this type of parenting. The more you communicate and connect, the more your child will feel valued. Now this too will take some planning and diligence especially if you are connecting from different time zones, with different schedules. Here are some Ideas:

1. If you are an old fashioned parent you can write letters or send post cards, but remember to make them look colourful and fun so your child will enjoy reading them.

2. For the more modern parent you can send e-mails or text messages. This way is quite quick and an effective form of communication. Most children today are very computer literate. Therefore you can ask your child to send images or even home work assignment via email attachments. In this way you can monitor and help your child, even if you are on the other side of the globe.

3. Remember to celebrate with your child on birthdays or special occasions. You can do so by sending text messages, emails or surprise gifts through the post. Your child and you can download Skype software so you can see each other through video whilst speaking, which would make it more personal.

Always keep in mind that in a long distance relationship technology is your best friend. Reassure and be Accessible.

1. Have a set plan for handling emergencies and issues that may arise from time to time with your child. For example at one time your child may be very excited to talk to you about school and other things. Then the next time they may be very sad crying and asking you when you are going to come home. These emotional swings are normal especially in toddlers so take it as it come and don’t be too bothered.

2. Also it is very important to leave contact numbers, an address or email details with your child caretaker. Make sure you are very accessible with these contact details so when these emergencies arise you can be contacted.

3. If you are going through a divorce remember it still needs both parents’ influences to make your child’s life a lot better. It is imperative that both parents recognize the importance of good communication, and kids must be reassured frequently with the words “I love you.”

Remember kids don’t get divorce, parents do, so they deserved a fair chance to love and know both parents, even if long distance parenting is been involved here. I will leave you with this quote;

A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me, together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart. - Anonymous

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