Parenting quotes, what can
we learn from them?

Reading parenting quotes always gives me a sense of pleasure and enjoyment. These proverbs are similar to a picture, by that I mean, just as a picture says a thousand words, these wise sayings says so much with so few words.

It is of no accident that some of these most famous sayings are made up of just a few words and have transcend throughout the ages with much relevance to even up to today.

Hearing thes wise sayings can be both inspirational and mind teasing. When I was a young boy I can remember hearing these sayings use by my parents and grandparents but was baffled about their meanings.

Now on becoming an adult and being fully engrossed in reading, I gradually develop my understanding of parenting quotes and learn to fully appreciate these wise sayings.

Even up to today there is one specific saying that stuck with me from childhood and it goes like this; “Small donkeys have large ears.” Now let’s have some fun. Can anyone tell me what this saying mean? If you are from Eastern Caribbean background such as myself you may get it, but if not give it a go.

Tell you what we are going to do; we will reveal the answer on the next page where you can leave your comments but you will need to click on our parenting quotes link above.

There will also be loads more of these sayings at your pleasure. Do not forget to share with us any of these wise sayings from your cultural backgrounds we would apprciate your generosity.

While we are on the topic of generosity there is one such wise saying from the Native American Sioux and it says; " children must learn early the beauty of generosity. They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving."

We here at parenting with positive thinking strive to bring the wisdom of raising children from many different backgrounds and cultures. Our cultures might be different but I am sure we have the same aim and that is to raise positive, productive, well-rounded children.

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