Attention! Looking for parenting skills? Learn the most effective ones here.

The best parenting skills can be learnt through patience, practise and persistence. As in anything we do practise makes perfect, and the more we practise the better we become.

Remember we usually get what we expect and the principles we set at home is what our children take with them into the society. First allow me to ask a simple question. What kind of atmosphere do you create at home? Do you set positive atmosphere?

Do you encourage or intimidate?

As the old biblical adage states; “train up a child in the way they should grow, and they will never depart.” Allow me to take this a little further and say “if they ever depart,” proper virtues and right thinking are already within them to return back to.

Learning to use Parenting skills effectively would highlight the slight differences between encouragement and praising. These skills will also allow us to watch out for pampering, over-indulgence and over-protection. Being over-protected makes children dependant on others, whereas over-indulgence makes a child irresponsible.

Through my experiences I personally believe that the three attributes of self-esteem; self-confidence and self-reliance are the building blocks for positive, healthy and happy children.

Good parenting skills allows one to understand and use these tools fluently dealing with any parenting issues successfully. There is no set formula for being the perfect parent, and in any case it is an unrealistic dream, but using parenting with positive thinking is all about empowerment.

Remember we know our children better than anyone else, so it’s to us to use a good parenting plan to build on their strengths and develop their weakness.

Can we accomplish this by using traditional or modern values? There is great pressure not to be traditional. Don’t apologize. You can still be progressive and choose traditional values. Indeed, your children need to have an anchor and a focus with some good old fashioned principles and priorities.

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