Learn why Parenting babies
is a unique experience.

There are many books and information on parenting babies; however this is something that is usually developed between parents and child through experience. Naturally there a different type of caring is needed at different stages of the child’s life.

For example a new baby usually requires a lot of nursing by the mother. At this point is where breastfeeding is important as well as looking after your baby general health. Also around this time from (birth to 1 year) the mother will monitor the baby’s general development for things such as their; motor skills, sleeping patterns, language and emotional development.

One important thing that is worth mentioning when parenting babies is the mother’s diet. If you breastfeed which is highly recommend, the mothers diet should be highly nutritious. Foods such as meats, beans with lots of fruits and vegetables with whole grains cereals should be eat regularly.

It is also recommended that the fluid intake should increase and the mother should avoid spicy foods which can alter the taste of her breast milk. Now here comes the toddler stage where parents have to look after their child differently. At this time is when infants would move from being breastfeed to solid foods such as; porridge and mashed foods.

Futhermore around this time the child cognitive functions is rapidly developing which makes it the best time to develop their language and communication skills. Doing things such as reading books, jigsaw puzzles as well as counting and stacking blocks, are some of the things you can do to achieve this.

After the toddler stage is where the preschool comes in. Here is where the child has left the baby stage entering the childhood years roughly between the ages of 3-5 years. At this point is one of the most challenging times in the parenting cycle. This stage is where the child is developing their character, personality and can be very strong will and independent.

In relation to parenting babies we at parenting with positive thinking knows that every mom and dad experience will be unique according to their situation. My wife and I have experience these stages many times but the most interesting thing is that every one of our child has taught us something new.

So enjoy your baby and cherished the moments because they will quickly past this stage in a blink of an eye. Finally we will conclude with a fitting quote; “A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities."- Eda Le Shan

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