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Discipline Strategies.

Knowing how to apply the right parenting discipline is very crucial for raising successful children. There are various forms of discipline that can be used but knowing what to do, how to do and when to do it is the key focus here.

We must however keep in mind that this training must start as early as toddler stage where boundaries should be set and the child are given clear guidelines and instructions.

The most common parenting discipline that was used in the 18th and the first part of the 19th century is beating or corporal punishment. However due to increase parenting education in the 21st century, parents are realising that they can be just as effective using verbal chastisement or simply take away privileges.

When it comes to correcting your child for a naughty deed you know how to respond. You simply explain why the act was wrong and impose a “punishment” that fits the deed. For example letting your child cleans off crayons marking from off the walls, but when it comes to teenagers everything is less clear cut.

We here at parenting with positive thinking believes that correcting and punishing a teenager is the hardest job any parent will do, so here are a few handy points you can use in the relation to parenting discipline and teenagers.

1. Stay calm when communicating.If your teenager has done something wrong staying calm as possible explain why the action was wrong, the repercussions and how to make it right.

2. The punishment should fit the deed.Make sure the punishment you decide is design to make your teen think about why their action was wrong, and the effect it had on others. The discipline should also help your teen to connect his actions with the consequences of those actions.

3. Set house rules.Make sure there are a set of rules that governs your house. Rules set standards and make sure you as the parents are the first example. (For example no drugs, alcohol or wild parties.)

4. Have clear guidelines and expectations.Help your teenager understands what is expected of him or her. Give clear guidelines on house rules to keep your teen focus. Always have high expectations of their behaviours but allow them a little slack if they mess up.

5. Set curfews appropriate for different ages. Help your teen to understand that curfews are there to protect them to ensure they get enough sleep and they are not hanging around the wrong crowd. Always discuss curfews with your child so they don’t feel powerless. Explain the reason for curfews but leave a little room for negotiation.(13-15 yrs: 9:30pm/ 15-19yrs: 11pm) If your child is good and keeps their curfew, you can consider adding an extra 30 mins every 4 to 6 months.

From my experience there is a certain strategy my wife and I has used to a good effect which is the taking away of privileges. In relation to parenting discipline there comes a time that verbal warning doesn’t work with teenagers.

I can recall when our son was in his early teens he started behaving very defiant, and was pushing his curfew boundaries. Now he is very good in Cricket and Football and played for a top club in our area at that time. So when we could not get through to him we spoke to him about his behaviour using positive language ,spoke to his coach and then took away his privileges of touring with the cricket club. In the beginning of his punishment he was very miserable and you could see he felt like fish out of water. However in a few weeks time his behaviour improved and his privileges was reinstated slowly.

So as you see when it comes to parenting discipline it is imperative that we as parents stay flexible and be willing to use various techniques.

On this page we have given you a basic guideline or structure you can use, however we must understand that even though we are in the position to punish our children we must be prepare to listen.

Positive parenting is all about listening and not lecturing. I just love quotes, don’t you? Here is one relevant to this topic; “Discipline doesn't break a child's spirit half as often as the lack of it breaks a parent's heart”- Annonymous

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