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Getting the right parenting education is extremely important when it comes to developing oneself, and be the best parents one can be. Parenting knowledge can be learnt from many different sources, so it’s a matter of finding what’s works for you.

Obviously the primary resources would be; books, magazines and online information. However there are other simple but effective areas such as; joining a parent club, being a part of parents school club or parents church group where you can learn from association and interaction.

Solid parenting education is an on going thing and changes during the different stages of parenting. There are four key areas any parents needs to learn about to keep growing. These areas are: (1)- From pregnancy to birth. (2)- Infancy and toddler stage. (3)- Pre-school and Pre- teen years. (4)- Teenage to young adults.

During pregnancy till birth is an amazing and exciting journey. Whether you are a first time mom or have been down this road before, every new pregnancy brings it’s own exciting adventure. To ensure the birth of a healthy baby, it is necessary for the mother to have a good all round holistic health. The key learning areas at this stage are:

* Eating a balance nutritious diet for the best health for you and your baby. Including foods to avoid and foods to include.

* Maintaining a calm, happy, mental and emotional level.

* Maintaining a good physical health using things such as; yoga, pregnancy exercises and pre-natal massages.

During the Infancy and toddler stage the key learning areas are:

* Bonding and caring for your newborn.

* Food and Nutrition for proper Child development. Would it be breastfeeding or bottle fed for your newborn.

* Developing communication and language skills. Introduction to reading books and counting.

* How to make learning time fun and enjoyable.

During pre-school to pre-teen is a when a child starts to develop a personality and be aware of their surroundings. The key parenting education areas are:

* Understanding your child personality and temperament.

* How to spot your child’s talent. What do they like to do?

* Milestones in language and cognitive development.

* Teaching your child manners and etiquettes During teenage to young adult stage could be one of the most challenging times. This is so due to peer pressure and social media technology. The key learning areas here are:

* Developing Trust and Relationship building.

* Developing Self-esteem and Confidence.

* Teaching your teenage child how to make positive choices.

* The value of hard work and clearly define goals.

* Educating your teenagers about sex, drugs and violence.

When all is said and done, the most effective parenting education one will ever learn is simply through experience. The more we experience, whether it be good or bad, the more we learn and grow. Remember the old saying “ Experience is the greatest teacher.”

Developing the skill of parenting with positive thinking is all about finding a positive outlook on any situation or circumstance. It’s all about asking this simple question ; what good did I learn from that experience? I will leave you with this parenting quote; “Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist.”

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