Attention! Parenting Mistakes
you should know about.

Making parenting mistakes is going to happen, it doesn’t matter how many books we have read, how many programmes we have been to or how many advice we get from other parents.

In life doing something wrong does not mean you are a failure or it is the end of the world, especially when it comes to raising kids.

We must know that parenting mistakes is no different from any other. The question is not weather you did something wrong but have you learn from it. This site is dedicated to looking at things from a positive side, so don’t be afraid to fail.

There is a famous motivational quote which says you “fail your way to success” and it is better to “try and fail rather than to fail to try.” For new moms and dads I would suggest that you get some parenting help until you build up some experience on your journey. One thing is for sure we will never have all the answers but we will be learning and growing as we go along.

However I would love to list a few mistakes we can try to avoid while raising our children; 1. This is especially for new moms; look after yourself by eating a nutritious diet and getting some good rest. You will need your health and strength to look after your baby.

2. Do not take advice from any and everyone. Seek professional or very experience people advice only.

3. Set boundaries early right from toddler stage. Give clear indication of what is acceptable and what is not.

4. Do not raise your child according to other parents’ standards. Know your child and their needs for what ever stage there are in their life.

5. Giving to much unnecessary material things does not make your child happy. Some quality time and attention works like magic.

6. Be conscious of what you are saying and how you behave around your children. Remember “monkey do what monkey see.”

Developing a parenting with positive thinking mindset teaches us that making a parenting mistake allows us to have new experiences and as the old adage says; “experience is the greatest teacher.”

I hope our parenting tips have added more value to your life. Like life parenting is not a destination but a journey, so do not forget to enjoy the scenery on this fantastic journey, because the more we live the more we learn.

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