The Art of Parenting
with love and Logic.

Parenting with love and logic is a quality skill and if develop effectively can add a balance style to your parenting. In today’s society parents can be caught in giving too much free reign to their children, which leads to permissive parenting or by being very strict which can lead to authoritarian parenting.

However the key is finding the balance between Parenting with love and logic. Now if we are able to master this art and learn to incorporate the reasoning side into our relationships, then we will be able to also develop the logical side in dealing with our children

In life generally it is a great skill to be able to reason out things. This art is even more valuable when it comes to raising our children because we need to know how to develop a quality communication with them.

There is a theory that if we love our children we show it by let them be and don’t discipline. However the logic is if we really love someone we should correct them if we see them going wrong.

This reasoning is further backed up by the biblical parenting proverbs which states: “unloved is the son whom the father hates to punish; the loving father frequently corrects.” (Proverbs 13:24 / 22:15)

On the other hand we should know from experience that using the authoritarian parenting style alone can lead to suppression of children feelings and creativity. Some parents can argue that they take full control because they want the best for their children.

However when using parenting with love and logic it enables you to reason to your children showing them why you make such decisions. It is imperative that we let them understand the why so they can understand the connection as oppose to just letting them know “this is what it is and that’s final.”

Furthermore this will help them to develop their mental understanding and teach them how to make proper choices in life.

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