Single Parenting getting you down? Try looking at it from this perspective.

In today’s world single parenting is much more of the norm and is a result of various factors. Some of these factors could be due to divorce, death, unmarried parenthood, teenage pregnancies or desertion. In the early 19th century this family structure was look upon with disapproval due to higher, stricter moral codes in the society. However in today’s society this type of family structure is tolerated more despite its drawbacks.

Myself and my two sisters was raised in a one parent home, not due to divorce or un married parenthood but due to the lifestyle of our father. We did know our father and saw him at least once a week mostly on the weekends. Due to the fact he was not around most of the time our mother was the strength of the family.

Single parenting
is tough because you have to be the provider, the comforter, the teacher and the disciplinarian all in one. This can be daunting at times because some times it seems that you are on a treadmill constantly going round and round.

Bare in mind it is always a good idea to have some one that can step in and give you a new perspective, or refresh your situation, so stay connected to good friends and extended family.

In most one parent family relationship, we feel that our priorities lies with our children first. It is therefore imperative to know that parenting with positive thinking help us to understand that if we are to be the best possible parents, we need to take the best possible care of ourselves first.

There are positive and negative aspects in every situation, and one positive aspect of being a single parent is knowing the buck stops with you. There is no waiting for someone else to pick up the slack, or who turns it is to pick up the kids or change nappies. Even at times it may be frustrating and lonely, knowing there is no one else mean you just get on with it.

The two most important issues one parent family will be challenged with are economic and emotional issues. However in today’s world some of these parents are highly paid professionals and are determined not to compromise on the quality of life for them and their children, despite whatever family structure they have.

Whichever way we decide to look upon this issue single parenting is here to stay, so it is up to us as a society to educate ourselves on this topic. Once we can develop good parenting programs for families as well bringing more awareness to young people about this situation, then there is a better chance of bringing out the positive aspects of this issue.

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