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Step parenting have been portrayed as being a very negative situation for centuries. From the classic fairy tale Cinderella which comprises of the wicked step mother and no good step sisters, to the warring stepfamilies in TV sitcoms, have left us with a bad taste in our mouth about this type of relationship.

Being a step dad myself this situation is not as bad as it is portrayed as long as we show patience, be prepared to listen and not lecture, this relationship can be quite fulfilling.

Having a new partner is great if both of you are in love with each other but as long as there are children involve it takes time to win them over. Most children will see new stepbrothers and stepsisters as well as a new step parenting relationship as threatening to their status quo.

If it is a case of moving in with a new step family, the step family moving in can be seen as invaders encroaching on the ‘safe place’ of the resident family. If you are not careful this can be turn out to be an explosive situation so it is wise not to rush yourself or your children into this situation.

Patience is the key and use different approaches to reach out to the new step children involve. It doesn’t make a difference weather you are the biological mother or father of a child, we as parents should know we should treat all children under our authority with love and respect.

I think parenting education is the key so that step families can function more cohesively within our society.

Due to the fact in every human society they are more than two adults who are involved in the social influence of the child, this makes us all obligated as responsible, decent adults to be potential fathers and mothers to every child.

I think step parenting might be more effective and easier to develop if the children involved are in the toddler or childhood stage. Reason being at this age the children will have time to grow up, getting support and love, allowing them to feel comfortable around their new parent. Unlike trying to be a new parent to a teenage stepchild would more than likely create friction at times, even to the point you will hear the infamous words “ you are not my dad.”

It is important to use the right parenting styles when developing new stepfamilies relationship. No doubt if teenagers are involve in this family setting they would more than likely want their opinions be heard, so the consultative style may be your best bet here.

Using parenting with positive thinking is about developing a flexible attitude when it comes to living in a step parenting relationship. Every step family have different issues to deal with however they are certain strategies you can use to make a smooth transition in this family setting.

Here are a few tips you can use for a smoother transition:

* Allow ample time to build relationship. Don’t force the relationship, it can backfire.

* Make sure you do things together regularly, such as eating together or going shopping. This will help everyone involved to get accustomed to each other.

* Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or graduations in a unique family way, get everyone involved.

* Have regular family meetings and let all family members have their say. Also use this time to acknowledge any special accomplishments.

* Give each child in the family their privacy and their own space just to be.

I just love quotations here is one to end with ; “The best inheritance a parent can give their children is a few minutes of their time each day.”Orlando A. Battista

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