Authoritative Parenting can it work effectively?

Using the authoritative parenting style can help with raising your child. However it must be first understood when, where and how to used this style.

Firstly I think it is imperative that we understand the meaning of Authority. One such meaning is the power to enforce obedience; another is a person(s) with specialized knowledge.

Now according to these meanings, can we really enforce obedience from our children and if so for how long? Do we as parents have specialized knowledge in raising our children?

This is where good parental skills must be learnt.

Parenting is a form of leadership and having the authority to lead also means accepting the responsibility to guide, help and encourage your children. Allow me to share our experience we had with this type of parenting style. Our second son within his teenage years became very rebellious, angry and verbal to us.

At that stage of his life he was experiencing with meeting new friends, and getting his own identity. We were very dictatorial on who, when, where, and what about his social circles.

Using the authoritative parenting style means alot of parental involvement, sometimes being good or bad. As I said before the response we had was not very nice, so we decided to change our approach.

We started to encourage him to bring his friends around, asking more questions and listening more to his viewpoint. According to what he said we then started to guide him to make good decisions.

So we ended up using a blend of Authoritative and Consultative parenting styles and reap a lot better results.

It is very rare to find a child who does everything he or she is told. If such was the case we will be raising robots and not a well rounded child who needs to learn how to use their own initiative.

Remember parenting with positive thinking is all about finding what works by exploring different experiences.

Have Any Great Suggestions About Authoritative Parenting?

Have any interesting experience on this type of parenting? We will love to hear how it went. Please share it!

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