Attention: Baby names meanings. Learn why we need to get this right

Baby names meanings can seem very daunting these days but with the right knowledge it can be done easily. This is so because of so many different ways of doing this, so many choices of names, so much new information on names and the new age of creative naming.

However before we move forward it is very important to know the history of names, how a name was choose, also the cultural and spiritual significance behind the process. Ninety percent of the names in the west fall in two main groups: The Indo-European ( European and some Asian culture) and the Semitic ( Hebrew and Arabic).

However in these modern times there has been an increase in creative naming by people of African Heritage due to their zeal to connect back to their roots.

From the earliest time of recorded history, baby names meanings was a very significant part in various cultures. For example in Greece; names such as Phillip came from the Greek word ‘philos’ meaning friend, lover and ‘hippos’ meaning horse, hence giving you “ lover of horses”.

Then you have the Roman three name systems which consist of a small number of first names such as ‘Marcus’ or ‘Titus’. Then their second names or their tribal names which tell you which family they belong too, then their third names which tells which family in the clan they belong too.

Then we have English names which ninety percent came from Germanic roots. The English language itself is derived from a dead language called Old Germanic; which carried a pool of name elements that can be combined in pairs. For example the name ‘Robert’ came from combining the elements meaning ‘bright and fame.’ Names such as Edward, Edgar and Edwin is derived from Old English (ead)- meaning prosperous, fortunate and is why these names were popular in ruling families.

From an African as well as a Native American perspective,baby names meanings were chosen to denote a spirit or a special character. All aspect of nature was taken into account, so it was common for names to denote the spirit or character of a Lion, Tigers, Eagles or Natural phenomena such as Mountains, Rivers or the Forest. For example “AMADAHY: Cherokee name meaning forest water."

It is important that we also highlight the role Religion and the Bible played in naming our children. For most African American or people of African roots in the Diasporas, the act of giving their child a biblical name is paramount. However we must realise that biblical names are actually Hebrew in origin which has a specific meaning of being connected to the God of Israel. For example Isaiah which meant “The lord helps me”.

So as we see weather you are choosing a name from an Eastern or Western cultural background baby names and their meanings has a significant impact on how you want the world to perceive your child.

Baby Names Meanings in relation to Word, Sound AND Power OF Names.

We must keep in mind that a name is conveyed to a child through a spoken word. That word which is the child’s name is heard by the child through sound. Now that sound conveys a vibration, a power which your child responds too. So every time your child hear this a certain power is conveyed to their character by the meaning of their name.

Eventually your child behaviour or character grows in relation to this, hence the simple but true phrase; Word, Sound and Power. We at parenting with positive thinking believes in giving your child names which will convey positive uplifting meanings.

As for my experiences, my wife and I have given our children specific names with powerful meanings but along with these we make certain to use positive language when communicating with our children.
Due to the fact that baby names meanings is such a huge topic we have created a special page with 7 essential top tips for naming your child. You can access this page by clicking this link 7 Essential Tips.

On this page we won’t be given you actually baby names, because you can easily get these by buying a book or online, but we will be given you the successful tips on how to create the perfect ones. So see you on the next side.

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