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For a child all round holistic development breastfeeding should be considered first. This is so because it is pack with the necessary vitamins, minerals and is richer in iron than any other milk. However the mother must be certain to be on a good diet eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

There are three main advantages for breastfeeding which are ; Nutritional, Psychological an Immunological. Nutritional because the protein content of breast milk is much lower than cows milk, so there is less nitrogen to be removed by the infants immature liver and kidneys.

The type and amount of protein in the mother’s milk is ideal for the infants growth and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Finally the large amount of cholesterol in the mother’s milk is essential for proper development of the nervous system, and production of important hormones and brain development.

It is psychological for both mother and child because the child develops a sense of trust and bonding to the mother. It is also a great opportunity for the mother to develop a stable, affectionate relationship with her child.

Personally from my experiences with my wife and our last child was quite interested. The minute my wife took up the infant and lift him close to her breast the milk just start flowing. Then their was a sense of calm and joy which was express through her countenance while breastfeeding.

To me it was like a biological switch that was automatically turned on definitely a spiritual connection.

Due to the fact that the infants own immune defence system is not develop totally before 9 to 12 months, it is advised to keep the infant on the mother’s milk which contains immunoglobulin, lactoferin and bifidus factor.

These enzymes protect the infant from many diseases such as ; tetanus, diphtheria, salmonella, and other bacterial and viral diseases. There is also an economical advantage because there is no need to buy formula or cows milk and there is no time needed for the preparations of formula. Using parenting with positive thinking enables us to apply the knowledge learnt to assist us in effective child development.

Breastfeeding is always preferred to bottle feeding but not all mothers are able to breastfeed due to various reasons. However bottle fed babies also grow up into healthy, happy, productive adults.

These formative years in the eating world of your child, establish their food preferences for years to come. These times require plenty patience and a gentle approach to assist your child in developing taste for many nutritious foods.


* Breast milk is clean and contamination of any kind is infrequent. .

* Breast milk produces a small curd in the infant stomach that is easily digested.

* The mother should continue to nurse as long as possible to keep building the child immune system.

* A child should not stay on the breast more than 30 minutes. Ten to fifteen minutes if the supply is plentiful.

* All infants should be weaned by the end of the first year. Give a bottle a day anytime after 4 to 6 months , increasing bottles until the child is weaned.

* Bottle feeding gives more flexibility to the mother, and may require fewer feeds because bottle milk stays longer to digest than breast milk.

* Fresh cows milk should never be given to the infant before the age of 12 months.

* Soybean milk is good for infants and children and can be given from day one.

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