Worried about a proper Child Development plan? Here are some simple and effective ways.

When we look at Child development We must remember to take in to consideration all aspect of bringing up a child. It begins from conception through the nine months in the womb, at birth then onwards. Also it’s very much has to do with the emotions of the mother, the nutrition, sounds, words and the environment the mother is around.

In some Eastern Cultures it is essential to keep a positive, stress free, supportive environment around the mother and much emphasis is place on the mother's frame of mind.

Expecting mothers are encourage to think good thoughts and view happy positive images because these messages would be transmitted to the baby. It has been widely accepted that a child individual characteristics trait are inherited from their mothers. Learning and child development in the womb is simply mysterious. From a firsthand experience, I remember when my wife was pregnant with our fourth child. At that stage in our life we were constantly reading, researching and holding intense discussions on spirituality and personal development.

Now from birth through to 12 months stage our daughter develop rapidly in all areas especially intellectually and emotionally. She read and write from a very early age and even up to today she is a well rounded A student, who is highly enthusiastic, confident and brilliant.

When using parenting with positive thinking it is important to understand that the mother is the child first teacher and has the most influence in the formative years. So in your parenting plan you should speak and read to your child as much as possible. Describe colours, shapes and objects by introducing them to the world of books, which will increase their cognitive and language development.

Another important aspect of your child development is their Food and Nutrition. It is absolutely paramount that from the start your child is fed nutritious food to grow into a healthy contented child.

One of the first major decisions to make is regarding whether to breast feed or bottle feed. Breast feeding is more than just giving the child food, there are a whole lot of hidden things taking place which the naked eyes can’t see.

Use the breast feeding link to access these enlightened information; I know you will be intrigue on what you will learn. As times go on then comes other major development milestones such as; baby first step, first speech and the formidable Pre-School years.

Remember parenting is a journey not a destination and the experiences you learn on your way adds value to you in some shape or form. The most important thing is to have a home full of warmth and use plenty of love-oriented techniques, which will promote self-esteem and self-confidence within your child.

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