Communicating with children is
an art, learn how too.

Communicating with children is a key skill, and when use effectively with the right parenting style does wanders for the parent-child relationship. This skill which involves clever listening also involves listening with empathy and is an ideal part in parenting education.

To listen with empathy means to empty ourselves of any hidden agenda when listening to our children. It means moving into the hearts and minds of our children, to genuine see the world as they see it, not as we think they should see it. Communicating with children is infinitely more than simply words; it is the ability of parents to transmit themselves successfully to their children and receive their thoughts and feelings.

We cannot evaluate our children until we have successfully evaluated ourselves. Trust and confidence need to be given to them first, because a child doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

An effective parenting tip is; when communicating with children alone or as a group, parents must establish eye contact and/or hold them at close range, preferably at eye level, to maintain warm direct communication and rapport. It may be necessary for mothers and fathers to bend over, squat or kneel; or put down the newspaper, telephone, or cooking pan as well.

In addition, a calm soothing tone of voice is preferred when giving instructions, and a firm serious one for reprimands. Smiling or laughing when children do wrong, and indifference or anger when they do right, goes against the proper formation of good criteria and good habits. The goal is: a clear mind and a strong will.

The art of parenting with positive thinking is about providing daily clues to our children about life. It helps them in making distinctions between fact and opinion, important and urgent, problem and solution, family and friend, male and female, public and private, right and wrong, rights and duties, life threatening and life-saving, eternal and temporal… the list can go on.

For more parenting tips invest in a good parenting magazine and keep returning to this website it would be worth it.

Finally without doubt, the secret of communicating with our children is to make them feel valued when we are talking to them, without compromising our own worth.

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