Concern about bonding with your Child? If so try the Consultative Parenting style.

The Consultative Parenting style is a good parenting skills to develop and use at the appropriate time of your child's development.

A next way to look at it is to think of it as democratic parenting.In this way your children are encourage to to give their views and opinions on matters involving them.

As in a democratic process, the person in authority is responsible to support views and interest of the people represented. Likewise parents are responsible to encourage and support the views and interests of their children.

However, there is one thing we must keep in mind is that even though we have created an enviroment for our chldren to air thier views and opinions, we must remember the final decision lies with us as parents. We must also make sure our final decision incorporates everyones input thus creating a win win situation for everone involved.

The consultative parenting style would be used more frequnently when your children are into their teenage to young adult years. This is so because at this stage of thier life our children are usually developing an identity of thier own, so guidance and communication is paramount.

This parenting style is good in many ways because it allows your sons or daughters to communicate with you, building trust and bond. This is an excellent way to get to know your child in respect to what they are thinking and their take on life.

Have you ever learnt anything from just listening to your child? It's amazing the wisdom that comes out a child mouth.

What if you are dealing with a stubborn child, who only wants thier views or interests acted upon? If this is case you will need to use some authoritative parenting style, setting firm and fair guidelines.

Learning how and when to use this parenting style is definitely parenting with positive thinking. This is one of the most effective style one can use developing the skill of smart parenting in the 21st century.

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