Learn why encouragement is
the seed to success.

It is said that encouragement is the seed of success and so it is if one learns the art of using uplifting words. Speaking positive reassuring words to a child along with a hug is like a magic portion for developing self confident.

Child psychologists through research have studied the effects of positive inspirational words on growing children.

It has been established that children that shows a high degree of self-confident and self-esteem, are the ones that are given the most positive uplifting words.

Remember encouragement is not the same as praise.

Praise is a reward given for an achievement. It fosters competition and fear of failure.

Saying words that boost children self-confident is good for effort and improvement. It fosters cooperation and self-esteem. It inspires confidence and acceptance.

Of course, you should give praise when it is due. But remember don't go overboard, a child can tell empty praises from real ones.

Just like adults, children do florish and blossom when we acknowledge and praise them and this is verified by the old biblical addage " a kind word makes a joyful heart and also turns away anger."

When parenting children we should be aware of the words we speak to our children, because what we say to them will eventually forms their emotional and psychological makeup. Parenting with positive thinking enable us to think of ways to praise a child positively. Besides, there is danger that a child hungry for praise will merely conform to please and won’t feel okay unless praised.

Good parenting skills means emphasis on strengths and assets, other than faults. It is non-judgmental - accepting the level of accomplishment of each child.

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