Interested in a Healthy
Parenting relationship?

Learn these 3 specific keys that
are simple to use with guaranteed results.

Healthy parenting is all about combining the different aspects of raising children, making them work smoothly, resulting in positives results. Some aspects will be easy to deal with while some will be more difficult, however with experience any challenge can be overcome.

As we have said before there are various aspects involved when it comes to raising children effectively. However my wife and I experiences have taught us that once you can get these 3 keys working in congruence with each other,it would be easy to apply healthy parenting.

First up is good nutrition. Having a balance, nutritious diet is paramount in healthy parenting. I am sure we are all aware that food is the fuel for the body, so feeding your children nutritious foods directly impacts their development for a sound, body and mind.It is a well known fact that a sound body translates to a sound mind. This in turn is conducive for the development of proper cognitive functions such as thinking and speaking.

The second ingredient of healthy parenting is communication.

We here at parenting with positive thinking believes that this is equally important as nutrition and think it’s a skill that must be learnt effectively by all parents. We must remember communication is far more than just speaking, but has a lot to do with what we say, how we say it and the body language used whilst speaking.

It is also a known fact that we speak with 70% of body language and the rest is split between visual and auditory. This makes it imperative that we carefully select our words, making sure they are positive, as well as uplifting, with a non-aggressive body language.This is a very important point in relation to healthy parenting.

Thirdly we must be aware of what type of environment we set for our children weather at or away from home. We must be cognizant of the fact that we are a product of our environment and the people we hang around.

Have you ever wonder why at certain clubs they are only affluent people with high income level there? Also have you ever wondered why these same people are always the one that go on a make more money? Well the answer is quite simple; It is the environment and the people they hang around which is conducive to making money.

So a part of effective parenting is to create a positive environment at home which is conducive for learning for your children. One quick tip I can share is limit the amount of televisions and other technological gadgets you have at home. Balance this out by adding more book shelves plus a quiet study area to encourage reading. What I am sharing here works no theory but practical experience. This is how my wife and I has raised our children which have resulted in them being exceptional high achievers.

We also need to speak to our children about the friends they keep. You might be saying “I can’t choose their friends” and you maybe be right. However you can guide them on how to look for certain values and behaviours in friends that will have a positive influence on them. Whilst saying this we as parents must also watch the friends we keep, because our children are looking so let’s set the example.

As we have said before from our experience, these three aspects once understood and used correctly are key pillars for healthy parenting. Remember whatever challenge we faced as parents you will face someday. Maybe in a different form but it is inevitable because our parenting journey is similar and universal.

So prepare for the journey, because at times it can be very unpredictable plus overwhelming but very, very interested.

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