Natural Parenting is all about parenting in the moment, learn these fantastic skills now.

The Natural Parenting style is more about Using intuition and instinct as you go through this fantastic journey of parenting. This style is about observing the traits, patterns, likes, and dislikes of your child. It is also about implementing these observations to add value to the parent-child relationship.

Parenting is unique to every child and each child exhibits their gifts in different ways. So the Natural Parenting style Would be used quite extensive around the toddler stage of a child. By observing what children likes to play with or what holds their interests, give clues about how they learn.

Have you ever sit quietly and observe your child/children playing? If they are a bunch of toys what do they gravitate to first? Which toys holds their attention the most?

There is a lot you can learn by doing this exercise, try it.

Can a set routine work for raising children?

When raising young children we always try to set a routine for feeding, playtime and resting. It’s good in a sense because with a regular pattern we can plan other things, however this will not work all the time for every child.

The is why the skills of Parenting with Positive thinking is imperative, so you will know when to let your Natural Parenting style comes out.

For some children they would only eat when they are hungry, or sleep when they are really tired.

For example our last son, we earnestly tried to set a routine with eating and it just wasn’t working. At one point we were really frustrated because we thought he wasn’t getting his daily requirement. We then step back and allowed the Natural feeding pattern to kick in and he is now devouring his food.

So we spoke about observing children, now what about teenagers. Do we still observe them using the Natural parenting style? Yes we should cause by observing we can tell if their likes and dislikes are changing or if they are developing new interests.

Good parenting is all about looking, listening and learning. Parenting with positive thinking is all about learning and using these skills effectively adding value to yourself and your children.

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