Are you Parenting a Troubled Teen? If so, here are our top tips on how to be more effective in this situation.

Parenting a troubled teen is a very complex issue in today’s society. I say that because of the social pressures that is force on our teens by the media and due to technological devices our children are force to grow up fast.

Imagine an average 10 to 12 years old, walking around today with the latest mobile phone, which give them unrestricted access to any type of information whether it is appropriate or not for them. Now this is what I called information overload in its highest degree and the problem we face is how this information is marketed to young people.

This point is a huge dilemma in relation to parenting a troubled teen and is the fuel that burns this fire. Most of the time this information is sold to our teens that they must be doing this, or they must have this device, which in turn put massive pressure on them to fit in.

I do agree that the world is now in the information technological age, and I also agree that our children minds are developing rapidly to cope with this. However we must also remember that their young minds are still tender and immature and they still need the guidance of an experienced, mature adult or parent.

Here is where effective parenting comes in, in which we as parents need to be able to change with the time, and learn the new skills we need to deal with this new situation.

I can empathise with the tough challenges parenting comes with in today’s world. I myself as a dad have had my share of these issues and am still growing whilst learning how to be prepared for the next challenge.

From research done it has been highlighted that the main parenting issues we struggle with are: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence and Anti-social Behaviour. We will not be going into depth on this page but we have a special page on these subjects in which you can access by clicking the parenting issues link above.

The irony of the whole situation is, the negative influences that are causing our children to make bad choices and damaging their health, are legalised and accepted in our society as “necessary evils”.

Wouldn’t it make perfect common sense, that if something is the cause of a problem we should be finding ways to eliminate it? On the other hand we find ways to dress it up by finding alternative solutions. Hmmm food for thought, and as they say “Common Sense is not so Common”.

This is why we here at parenting with positive thinking adamantly believes parents should be flexible in their approach to parenting a troubled teen. Parents should use their minds to think about new ways to deal with these issues and by using positive decisive action to make them work.

It has been proven that we are a product of our environment, and our environment is stronger than our will power.

Our goal should be moving from the agenda of parenting a troubled teen to just parenting our sons and daughters. It can be done but we should look at tackling these issues from a 3D perspective which entails; (1) Our Society messages (2) Our relationship with each other, and (3) The values and morals we place on our children.

I will end with a fitting quote: “Like its politicians and its wars, society has the teenagers it deserves.”

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