Learn how to develop the right Parenting Curriculum for a sound preschool education.

An effective parenting curriculum is the right foundation for pre-schoolers. This stage officially start when a child reaches three years old and is based on setting learning goals for a positive progression. This is a very excited time in a child learning career with their minds absorbing everything like a sponge.

As a parent and as your child's first teacher,it is imperative to know about the five major learning areas that should be instituted in the parenting curriculum plan.

These are:

1 - Communication, Use of language and Literacy. - This include Reading, Writing, Thinking and Language skills.

2 - Creativity - This includes Imagination, Music and Drama.

3 - Personal and Emotional Development. - This all about Self- esteem, Confidence, Relationships and Attitudes. Also Health and Body Awareness.

4 - Understanding of Life and the World. - This is includes different Cultures, Beliefs and Peoples. IT, Time and Investigation.

5 - Mathematical Development. - This includes Counting, Measuring, Shapes and Number Skills.

To help stimulate your child, it would be wise to equip your home or the learning environment with a range of learning resources. These resources should be of different colours, shapes and styles.

For example in the Language and Communication learning area, the resources required would be things such as flash cards and electronic word toys.In the Creative Learning area the resources required would be things such as drawing materials and Art kits.

Using parenting with positive thinking Is all about improvising and making your home work for you in carrying out your lesson plan.

There is a fantastic sample lesson plan structure that can be found in How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius. Remember to get creative, use your imagination, make it excited and fun for your child. Also develop your parenting curriculum to suite the learning environment, your style and your child learning style.

It is said that knowledge is power but it is the use of knowledge that gives the power. I will leave you with this African Proverb to back this up;"Knowledge is like a garden, if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.”

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