Frustrated about Parenting Teenagers? Try these exclusive tips.

Parenting teenagers today is more difficult than previous years and this is so due to far reaching technological advances and changes in our society. Our children today are literally been swept away by information technology, personal computer, mobile phones and a barrage of information overload.

It’s a known fact that most parents would love to have a healthy relationship with their child, however lack of know how prevents this.

Parenting teenagers demands a whole loads of patience, love and understanding. Just remember it is difficult for your teen too because they are going through a period of great change.

One of the most significant changes comes by the name of Puberty or the Adolescence stage. During this stage there are massive change which is not just physical, but also emotional, behavioural, and psycological.

This will also account for the fact that the preceding teenage years will be one of strange behaviours, plenty issues, growing pains,and a whole load of moodiness. Most survey has shown that teenagers are influence more by their friends than by their families. This is so due to peer pressure and they feel a more sense of belonging in their social circles. However it doesn’t mean that parents cannot have a healthy relationship with their child.

For my experience , parents should always be accessible to their kids, who needs a support base at home even though they never show this.

Using parenting with positive thinking teaches us to accept your child for who they are. Try not to lay down unachievable goals with unrealistic expectations. By doing this you are setting loads of pressure on your child, which could eventually leads to failure. The idea is to find out what your chid unique talent and build on their strengths.

Handy Tips On Parenting Teenagers.

* Spend quality time as a family having lots of fun. Make sure it’s something that the child is actively taking part in.

* Encourage your teen to take up sport or hobby they love. This will help them keep fit as well as release pent up energy.

* Never, ever, ever compare your child to another. Whether it be a child from another family or a sibling.

* Use positive reinforcement to motivate your child.

* Sit with your child and set realistic goals with attainable targets. We should be aware that during teenage years children tends to be very angry getting frustrated easily. I will end on a special quote from the book The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell. This book is one of my highest recommendation on the subject of parenting.

“ All aspects of s child development require a foundation of love. For instance, a child’s feelings of anger ca be channelled positively when he senses a parent’s love.”

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