Parenting today is all about being flexible and the willingness to learn new skills. If you are willing to change then you can raise successful children in today’s world.

Parenting today is no easy task, however if parents can learn to be flexible and learn new skills we can make it a success. Times have changed so what use to work 10 years ago simple doesn’t work now and due to the fact information is easily accessible this has a huge impact on the way our children look at reality.

It is a fact we can’t stop the times but we can be adaptable and take positive action to learn new technology. It is imperative we keep abreast with what is happening and we don’t need to be a genius to do this, we just need to learn the basics and the rest will come with practise.

More so than ever parenting today requires us to be flexible and adaptable just as water is. It is amazing how water as a liquid will penetrate and fill every crevice and corner. Even when it is frozen as ice, it will still fill every crevice by being hard and solid.

It is also a scientific fact that the human body is made up of 70% water and consuming water is critical to maintaining a healthy body. Maybe how we are made up as humans is telling us how important it is for us to maintain flexibility.

This is why we here at parenting with positive thinking thinks it is imperative that we as moms and dads be open to change. We need to change our approach on how we deal with our children in all areas of their life. We must realise that our children are receiving two messages each day.

First message is from our home by the things we do and say as parents, and secondly from the society on how life is being perceived.

From the society standpoint there are various media sources (e.g. the internet, phones and TV) which are easily accessible by our children today. Now these media sources bombard our children on a daily basis with the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and sad to say, how this information is sold to them is totally inaccurate of what true life is about.

Here is where positive parenting is needed in relation to parenting today. Our goal is to find positive ways to help our children understands how to process the information received in the right way. Firstly this will allow our children to pick out the right information that will add value to their lives and secondly it will develop a realistic output on life being well balanced and grounded.

One of the keys that my wife and I used to a degree of success is effective communication. In reference to parenting today, we are well aware that their are certain sensitive parenting issues we will need to deal with as our children are growing up such as; Sex, Drugs and Violence.

Our strategy is to pre-empt these issues while communicating casually with our children. For example if we are having a family meal or just watching TV, and an inappropriate advertisement comes on subtly selling sex, we would simply ask a question like; what do you think of that? Then we would listen intently without interrupting to hear their views.

Two things will happen here; firstly you let your children see that you are willing to listen to them about sensitive issues in which they can feel open to speak to you about anytime. Secondly you will get to hear their perspective on it, or the way they see things, then you will know what to say to them to help them see a better perspective. Remember parenting is more about listening not lecturing.

Parenting today can be fun and rewarding however we need to find new ways to do new things whilst educating ourselves on new strategies, in order to apply smart parenting in the 21st century.

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