Parenting toddler for the first time? Learn how to do it the right way.

Parenting toddler can be a challenge mixed with some fun, excitement and frightening moments. I call this stage of parenting “parenting on your P’s and Q’s because you are constantly looking around keeping your child in sight because you never know what they are getting into.

At this stage of your child life they are becoming physically adventurous and exploring their environment is a part of their everyday learning process. This is why when parenting toddler it is of absolute importance that we set the environment child friendly, safe and stimulating.

Remember a child is always fully engrossed in the moment whilst being very intrigued by anything and everything. They learned about their world by feeling, touching, tasting, emptying and filling things constantly. In being so inquisitive there are times that danger lurks but the child is unaware about this from their standpoint.

This is where Parenting with positive thinking comes in where moms and dads must be very conscious being fully aware of their child surroundings.

As for my wife and I and our experience in parenting our children, we find that learning through play is one of the most effective ways for continued child development. Doing things such as singing nursery rhymes, counting, stacking blocks and pointing at different colours seems to be retained quite quickly in the child’s memory.

We must remember that at this stage your child is like a sponge soaking up everything so it is imperative that we as parents play our part in their continued development. Paying close attention along with developing communication skills with your child is an important parenting technique to learn.Therefore it is of vital importance that you spend time together as a family.

In respect to parenting toddler, the mother must remember that you are your child first teacher and has the most influence in these early years. So by doing simple things such as reading books, describing objects, colours, and shapes, will definitely increase their communication skills. The whole fact of the matter is to let your child feel that whatever they are doing is interesting and meaningful, giving them a sense of belonging and happiness whilst building a co-operative attitude.

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