Permissive Parenting, would it be
successful in raising productive children?

Being truthful the Permissive parenting style is not recommended, however it can be useful if it is use moderately along with the other parenting styles. This style is about allowing a certain amount of freedom, but depending on the child it can be a tedious task.

Children who are raise by this style can be cheated out of valuable morals not learnt. This is so because they were not taught to be responsible and have no inner sense of discipline.

As I have experience it’s a thin line to get it right. Using too much of the Permissive parenting style is just as the opposite of being too authoritative. It doesn’t matter if they are toddlers, teenagers or young adults; they all start to develop habits and behaviours which need to be monitored.

Some parents think because they love their child so much, it is okay to be very permissive in their parenting. These parents reject the tools of discipline, compromising their authority striving to be a ‘peer’ instead of a parent.

In doing this they fail to give the vital lead which children need and taking responsibility for their child development.

Whereas on the flip side they are children who are very responsible and adhere to rules set. For these children this style would be alright with a little monitoring and a little more freedom at times.

The key with Parenting with positive thinking is to find the right blend of parenting styles to help in raising productive children.

We should be aware that children in these times are very smart and they will test parents to see how much they can get away with. Using the permissive parenting style in this situation would allow them to break set boundaries, and it could be difficult to reinstate these boundaries.

The key is knowledge and how to apply it and this is what this site is all about.

I will leave you with this essential proverb ‘A little child weighs on the knee, a big one on your heart.’

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