Poor Parenting can lead to unsuccessful children. Learn how to combat this.

Poor parenting can come about because of different situations, so it is up to us to as parents to make the best use of our present situation were in, and strive to raise productive, happy, children.

According to the law Duality; where there is an up there is a down and where there is a head there is a tail. That means every situation has two sides and it is up to us to explore both sides. So a challenge may show up that seems very dreadful but in due time you will be able to see some positive benefit once we look at it from a different perspective.

This is why we here at parenting with positive thinking adamantly promotes looking at parenting from a positive perspective. We must always remember, it is not what’s happening but how we look at and respond to what is happening.

Finding ourselves in a poor parenting situation does not mean we are doomed to failure because from experience we all know life is made of ups and downs. Even the best of us go through tough times where circumstances get the best of us. However it is our determination to be a better parent that will help us to overcome our obstacles.

It is of vital importance that we assess ourselves and look at and question our parenting styles to see if is getting better or worse. Here are a few points we have listed to help you identify poor parenting:

1. Your child needs attention but you are making excuses for not given them quality time.

2. You are leaving your child overall wellbeing and health to others. (Eg your doctor/ nurse.)

3. You do not participate in your child educational and mental development. Most of their educational development is left to the television or their nursery.

4. Your child does not have a set routine in their life.

5. Your child is exposed to a lot of violence and negativity.

So what if we find ourselves doing one of these, some of these or all of these points highlight above? Do we blame it on others? Do we blame it on circumstances? Really we should choose to take responsibility and create a better situation but the question is; how do we do that?

Well the answer is quite simple, by asking ourselves Questions. The truth is if we ask a better question we get a better answer. Here are a few simple but powerful questions we can ask ourselves to help us overcome these challenges:

1. Why am I in this situation?

2. What can I learn from this challenge?

3. What parenting help or resources do I need to be better?

4. How can I be a more effective parent?

5. Where can I go from here?

It is said that experiences is the greatest teacher so I urge you to find a quiet place with a pen and a pad and ask yourself these questions. I know without any doubt you will experience some great answers and if you put them into use you will experience some profound changes.

Remember poor parenting is one side of the coin and effective parenting is on the other side, you just need to turn it on the other side.

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