Positive Parenting Strategies, enabling you to raise confident, productive children.

Learning the skills of positive parenting enables mom and dad to raise children with a can do attitude. Remember your attitude determines your altitude and having a willing mindset will help parents to face up to any challenge and overcome.

Using positive parenting has to do with the words we use along with our body language when relating to our children. Our children are heavily influence by our mannerisms, so keep it positive.

Parenting teenagers is no easy task in today’s world, but we need to put ourselves in their world and see it their way.

It is a fact that our society is full of negative influences and it does impact on our children. Also negativity spreads faster than positivity. So the question is; how do we teach our children to deal with this? Well using Parenting with positive thinking is showing our children how to learn from any mistake they make.

It is also about problem solving and letting children develop a forward thinking mindset. Children go through phases, especially during their teenage years. During these years there are a lot of emotional and psychological turmoil going on in them.

Parenting today requires moms and dads to develop the mental fortitude to handle these situations with optimism, teaching your children that every challenge comes with a reward. We should teach them also there is always a solution for every problem, for "where there is a will there is a way."

Using a positive parenting attiude helps moms and dads to choose thier words carefully when speaking to thier children. As parents we must use precise language because our words carry within them our destiny. Precise language has the ability to move our children in purposeful directions. Precise language is decisive, careful exact, well defined, thruthful and leads one to results that are productive.

Along with using precise language our children needs a positive self-esteem which is pivitol to achieving a productive and happy life. It's a fact that children thrive when parents acknowledge and responds to their needs.

Effective parenting requires a new contract of commitment from everyone in our society who cares about the quality of life and the future of our children.

Let’s play close attention to the wise African Proverb; “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

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