Raise Miraculous Children through the power of positive thinking.

Once we grasp power of positive thinking, it enables us to assess any situation you encounter when parenting. It also allows us to use constructive directed thinking to bring the best out of any situation.

No doubt once you are a parent some challenging times will come your way. Solving any problem largely determines how you think your way through it.

In the right sequence of things we should think first, then speak then act on what we thought about.

According to the science of mind, the mind cannot entertain two thoughts at the same time. You are either entertaining a happy thought or a sad one, a positive thought or a negative one.

Due to the fact that your thoughts keep coming, the skill to learn is to be aware of thoughts you are thinking about and only entertain the positive ones, which will automatically replace the negative ones.

The term is called Meta-Cognition which simply means, thinking about what you are thinking about. Using parenting with positive thinking enables you to project uplifting thoughts on our children. It enables us to have a clear thought pattern on what our children need and how we can guide them to achieve this.

You live entirely in your thinking. The thoughts you receive everyday control your emotions and direct your paths to the circumstances and the people in your life. You don’t create a thought you receive them. What you get out of life, the rewards and the conditions is directly related to your thinking.

The power of positive thinking allows you to recognize certain thought pattern in your children from their behaviour.

It also helps you to guide your children on how to choose thoughts with very high rate of vibration, which helps in raising children. self-esteem. Be aware that your thoughts create your character and your character is the real you. To possess anything it must be first mental then action makes it manifest in the physical environment.

Teach your children how to think for themself, it is the thinker that changes the world around them. The greater the thought the greater the destiny and this is the power of positive thinking.

Teaching your children to nurture a positive mindset eventually leads to happy kids. They are enthusiastic and great to be around because they see every situation as a challenge and are excited to give it a go.

Positive children are confident, with high self esteem, they build strong relationships and make things happen. They are loved by their peers and are shining lights where ever they go.

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2yrs old reading