Finally revealing! Self-esteem tips for Super Successful children.

A child self-esteem is such a critical area in their life, it is worthwhile knowing how to help them improve this area. There is such a thing that is called the self-concept and it is our command centre. It is made up of what we believe about our self and has three critical parts about it.

These critical parts are self-ideal, self-image and self-perception/esteem. We will be concentrating on the self-esteem because this is all about how a child feels about themselves. It is how much a child love themself as a person, and it directly determines their effectiveness in all areas of their life.

Other qualities such as such as self-confidence, pride, self-reliance, and self-respect go along with this and all this is developed initially at childhood. This continues to evolve as we are shaped by the different social interactions and experiences we go through.

Using parenting with positive thinking equips us with this skill to boost our child morale. Now remember none of us is born with this skill, so if it is necessary to attend parenting classes please do so.

Programs have been developed to teach children self-protective skills, and families recognize and respond to potentially unsafe situations. Children who are conscious of their self-worth feel good about themselves, pulling out all the stops to any sign of threat or danger.

Moreover, self-esteem develops the same positive communication skills and attitudes, which children could pass on to the next generation. A child’s self-confidence is based on a positive relationship with parents and eventually teachers. Parents can foster that can-do attitude in their children with a “Wow!” or a “That’s great!” every time they accomplish a feat.

These positive comments form children’s first concept of success, which ultimately leads to a healthy self-perception.

Children who are happy and confident may still experience low self-perception because they do not feel loved. Likewise, children who are loved and pampered at home may still feel inadequate and incompetent, thus ending up with low self-esteem. Hence, a balance of both should be present.

When it comes to parenting teens, it is great to have some positive parenting tips at hand. Here are some time-tested tips to enhance to enhance your child’s can do attitude:

• Always try to use positive requests. Limit the use of the don’ts, cant’s and no to the barest minimum.

• Always establish good eye contact when speaking to your child. This shows that you are giving full attention and you are interested in what is saying.

• Stay calm in a non aggressive manner when explaining. Use simple concise language that your kids will understand easy.

• Give constructive criticisms. Explain why an action is not acceptable, and allow children to think of ways to not do it again.

• Let kids complete their sentences. Avoid interruptions cause this will disrupt their train of thought and make them forget what they are saying. It will also make them feel that they are not worth listening to, which will pull down their self-esteem instead of lifting it up.

Remember these skills will get better in due time so be consisitent in your parenting so as to reap the rewards.

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