Do single fathers have a tough time? Is it a challenge raising a child all alone? Read our page below and see.

Be it single fathers or mothers it is still a challenging experience being a single parent, and this type of family structure requires a lot of patience and strength to make it work well. More so in today’s world the role of the extended family is slowly eroding so we need a lot more parenting help in these times.

Contrary to what we believe there are a lot of single fathers looking after their child in this day and age. This might be so due to various circumstances such as;

• The parents got divorce and the father was deem the better parent to raise the child.

• The mother passed away for what ever reason, or

• The child was being adopted.

Albeit any which way that brought about this situation, the father would still need a lot of guidance, patience and perseverance to raise a good child.

Just being a single parent on a whole can be very tiring. From my experience and opinions, I think a single mother is better equipped biologically to raise a child due to the natural make up of a woman. The emotions such as love, patience, understanding and a heightened intuition are displayed effortlessly by a woman.

One reason why this might be so, is because the mother is the one that carries the child for nine months and naturally have develop a bond with the child.

From my experience when my children wants to play rough or go on an adventure ninety percent of the time they come to daddy. However when it comes to looking for comfort, being hurt, being hungry or sleepy ninety percent of the time they go to mummy. Have any of you other parent observe this?

Do not get me wrong I am not saying that single fathers cannot display these skills, because I have come across some excellent dads. However in order to acquire these skills they will need some parenting education to help them to learn and grow into this role comfortably.

We here at parenting with positive thinking believes that anyone can be a great mom or dad we just need to have some patience and willingness to learn new skills. Looking at it technically there is no such thing as a single fathers or mothers.

Even if you are solely looking after a child there is usually another contact or relationship with the other parent of the child. Furthermore in most cases there is usually a responsible aunt or uncle acting as a positive parent role model.

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