Teen behaviour getting you down? Have a look at our time tested tips.

Teen behaviour will always varies and most of the times it is a reflection of their peer groups, family setting, societal standards and emotional state. Most teens during their puberty state will have irregular behaviour coupled with frequent mood swings, but with firm loving parental support these issues can be overcome.

Due to the fact that our children are influence by so much media images from television, billboards and newspapers is a cause for some of the unacceptable teen behaviour. On the other hand we as parents have to be so circumspect about the way we conduct ourselves around our children. “ Remember monkey do what monkey see.”

However don’t forget they are great teenagers who knows what is acceptable and un acceptable behaviours. Also they are over-hype media myths about teenagers involving in uncontrollable, unprotected sex and violence. Remember in the 1960’s and 70’s free love and sex ruled which involved the teenage community. In the 1980’s pop culture and disco ruled, which was a prerequisite for sex and that also involve teenagers.

So in every generation a small percent of teenagers was always experimenting with sex.

It is important now more than ever for you to know your teen. Don’t fall victim to the labelling and blaming culture portrayed by the media. Here is where parenting with positive thinking comes in which enables you to deal with them as issues arise.

Remember boys will be boys and girls will be girls. Your teen behaviour is also a sign of your child maturing and is experiencing different ways of dealing with their own personal issues. Even at this stage it is important to know that our children still needs our love and attention, so make time for them. On a final note this may sound like a cliché to quote the old time and tested phrase," A family that prays together stays together". In many respects this is solid truth and is a fundamental part for any child growing up. Teaching your children to pray verifies to them that we as parents rely on a higher source or god to direct the family, and provides them with this source as well.

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